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Posted on August 17 2023

Today was, for me, full of unexpected surprises. After a quiet morning tying flies and doing a little yard work I set out for Deposit and the sulfur hatch. Got to the top of Lordville road, turned left on 97 and hadn't gone a quarter mile when out of nowhere a fawn bounded onto the road and started to walk across right in front of my car. Hit the brakes hard and rearranged everything in the car (thank goodness I didn't have a five gallon pail of apples this time). The fawn stopped on the solid yellow line, which probably saved it's life, and ran back to mom and the other two fawns. Yes, triplets.

The next surprise was an Osprey that dove into the river about 50 yards upstream from where I was fishing and came up with a nice 15 inch trout. With the hatch waning, I waded to shore and walked out on the Deposit bridge to watch a Troutfitter regular fight and land a double (trout and algae). While I was on the bridge, another fawn ran across the road, (this is at 3:30pm in downtown Deposit). Was telling David when he handed me his phone with a video he took of a good sized bear ambling down the road (at night) in  front of the inn.

The fishing - In the afternoon it was fun. A B- hatch produced enough risers to keep me busy. Refusals which were a dime a dozen a month ago are now high praise. Hooked seven good fish, lost four (the  algae had a hand in three of the losses) and landed three. Also got at least half a dozen other good fish to come to the fly and say no. Called it quits at 3:30 and drove back the to the Lordville Estate to mow the lawn. Left camp at 6:30 and headed to a high water spot on the WB where I had a good night a week or ten days ago. Hooked and landed a nine inch brown and a eleven inch rainbow, both when I let the fly hang downstream in the water while looking in vain for rising fish. 

The fishing is still limited but the forecast for the next few days looks promising. As the rivers drop there will be opportunities outside the "Zone", take advantage of them. 

Got back to the camp and was surprised that my "Raindrops" posting from yesterday had nine comments, don't know how he did it while landing multiple fish but Dennis scheduled the "Sit In" on the Troutfitter's  semi-famous bench. If  attendees will call David and advise him of your choice of beverage, I'll make good on my promise to provide same. Looking forward to it! 


  • Darryl Bogart: August 17, 2023

    I always read your daily blog. Always read ASOTD to see what occurred on that day in the year 2020. Thank you! btw great book!

  • Dennis: August 17, 2023

    I had a nice day on the upper WB yesterday. I landed 2 fish and had 2 refusals.
    I didn’t realize that was you on the bridge!!! I usually fish down stream but I noticed a bunch of fish rising under the bridge. It was much easier wadding up stream.
    That’s the first time I fished above the bridge.
    I am looking forward to meeting everyone!!!!!!!!

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