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Paybacks are fun

Posted on June 11 2015

Last Friday evening I tried a pool on the upper EB in 150cfs. There
were large sulfurs and feeding fish.  I caught one fish and got one
nose bump refusal. The rest of my casts were ignored.

Today with the water up to 250cfs I decided to try to get even. I
arrived at about 5:00pm, the sulfurs were hatching and the fish were
feeding. My very first cast was inhaled by a brown that was eating
every dun that came his way. My second cast also found an open mouth.
The third rising fish I threw at came right up to the fly, opened his
mouth and did a back flip at the last instant to avoid eating it.

Thereafter things settled down into a fairly even match of takes,
refusals and ignores.  The sulfurs kept coming, not heavy but enough
to keep the fish feeding.  Good casts got a response.  Bad casts put
fish down.

An adult bald eagle lit in a tree behind me, perhaps to critique my
casting which was at times awful - (did you ever hook an apple on your
back cast and on the forward cast have it splat down right on a
feeding fish?) , three yearling deer played tag in the riff
downstream, a muskrat and beaver both swam by me with their mouths
full of food.  No boats came by and I never saw another fishermen.

 The hatch stopped at about 8:45pm, just after I hooked and landed a
beautiful eighteen inch brown. No a bad way to spend an evening.


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