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Paying Homage

Posted on June 21 2020

On r&r at home paying bills and mowing grass.  Spent a few minutes looking back at comments (some of you sneak them in a day or two late and I miss them). The number of positive comments is gratifying.  In the six years I've been writing there have only been a couple of drift boaters that might have been a tad sarcastic (don't blame them a bit - we see sometimes see things differently).

One of the comments was from "A" with a picture of a fisherman netting a fish (same picture is on my business card). Don't know if the message was deleted or if Anthony he is telling me he caught a fish.

Marty - I learned to fly fish as a kid on the West Canada, stayed at Roy and Ruth Ryan's green shingled camp overlooking the river on Partridge Road.  Fished it from Trenton Falls to Middleberg, a great river.

Dennis - Mornings require a little Zen. It can't be too cold, there should be the possibility of a hatch (caddis, tricos, olives) or a spinner fall.  If you go too early or too late nothing happens, but no one else is there and mornings on the river are a truly beautiful place to be.

Thanks also to Walter and Andy who chimed in with kind words.

As to Steve and Dick, comparisons to Gierach, while flattering, call into serious question your qualifications as literary critics.

Hopefully most find the blog both entertaining and informative, my salary depends on it.


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