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Peach jam on my toast in the morning.

Posted on July 20 2020

It's been a long but satisfying day.  Left the "Lordville Estate"  with my load of peaches at 7:00 this morning.  Arrived home at 8:45, had breakfast and then Jean and I did the peach jam.  I'm sure that any canners who are reading this will be glad to know that all 24  lids sealed (love each one's little pop) and that the jam "set", will try some tomorrow morning. The entire canning project (4 batches) including clean up took but two hours - not counting the trip to Lordville for the peaches, the trip to the store for pectin and sugar and Jean's prep work in the kitchen before my arrival.  With the clean up completed and the 300 piece puzzle we started Saturday finished, I headed back down to Lordville to self quarantine, paint, and fish (not necessarily in that order).

 Arrived in Deposit too early to fish at 3:00 and  was too tired to paint  so I drove around in the hot sun looking at  pools with no bugs, rising fish or fishermen.  Chatted with Dave at the Troutfitter Shop who said the fishing has been tough. The way I see it is that this is a golden opportunity to get better.  The bugs are hatching, the fish are rising and you have hours of time to throw at them. You can catch fish but you have to be able to present a fly that looks like one they are eating in a realistic enough manner to get them to come and look. Once you can consistently get fish eating sulfurs to came up and refuse your fly, you have a realistic chance of catching them and you will knock 'em silly next year at Hendrickson time.. 

By six o'clock enough of the stream was in shadow to get bugs hatching and a few fish up.  By 7:00 there were sulfurs on the water and fish up everywhere.  Shared one of the less popular pools with another angler who caught two photo worthy fish (I volunteered to be camera man).  I was able to convince a good number of two year old fish to eat my flies but I was standing in a heavy run and lost several of them due to the combination of heavy current and me trying to rush them a bit.  Never hooked a fish over 13 inches. It was still a good night of fishing..


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