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Posted on September 13 2023

Those of you who have never been confronted by an angry landowner probably thought I'd nodded off to sleep again when writing the title to yesterday's page. The landowners and fishermen among us who have been confronted, know that "I've been fishing this pool for----" is one of the worst defenses a trespasser can make in justifying his presence on someone else's land. Repetitive transgressions do not cleanse the soul. You were lucky, apologize, and get the hell off the land owner's property. I've twice had the good fortune to have a landowner who was kicking me off his property become a river friend who not only let me fish but made me feel welcome doing so.

Today was, hopefully, the last day of above average temps until November. The rivers have been slowly dropping from the three most recent rain events and with normal (or even slightly below normal) daytime temps predicted, we will be able to fish anywhere we want. Actually had a little spring in my step (I said a little) heading back to the car tonight anticipating all the options I would have tomorrow. And then, before starting the report, I checked the weather, "Active Flood Watch for Delaware County" starting at ten tonight.. 

The fishing - Left the fishing camp about three and was in the ice cold UEB water by 3:30 watching bugs float by unmolested. By 4:30 they were still floating by as I reeled it in after seeing but one rise. Drove downstream stopping to look at numerous places and, on a whim, decided to try a little spot that doesn't hold fish at normal summer levels, but can be good if the water stays up for extended periods. There were bugs, olives (some with pimentos, some with pits), and iso's on the water and there were a good number of fish feeding (mostly sub-surface). From 5:30 until 6:30 every cast was aimed (some better than others) at a rise. Hooked seven fish and had at least as many refusals. Landed five (two of which were non-counters under 10 inches) and lost two rainbows of about fourteen inches which were the best fish I saw. When things shut down I drove over to warmer water in hopes of finding bugs and feeding fish. I didn't.  At anytime during the previous three seasons this would have been an ass kicking. Ten fish days were almost a dead cert. This year things are different. I had another hour of bugs and rising fish and I enjoyed it.    


  • D Martin: September 13, 2023

    For the record, regarding my post concerning Long Flat, I think something got lost in translation here. I wasn’t on his property. I am not a trespasser, nor a serial violator of any kind.
    Anyway, let’s get back to fishing talk, shall we? Three flies will do it this time of year: small olives (20-24), small cdc caddis (18-20), and a 12 haystack ISO. That’ll do it. Chris, I’d say that the Olives can happen anytime, including very early morning – depends on the river.

  • Chris: September 13, 2023

    When the cool weather kicks in which branch do you think fishes best in the fall? In general Ive never had much luck the few times I venture up this time of year…. I see few bugs and fewer rising fish which keeps me from making drive compared to spring and summer. Does the olive hatch occur throughout day or is there a time period that you focus on?

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