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Pleasantly tired.

Posted on August 27 2019

Today went according to Monday's plan. Worked on the topsoil pile from 9:00 until 11:55. Had lunch, tied flies and left for the UE sulfur hatch. It was quiet when I got there but within half an hour the bugs started coming and the fish started feeding in earnest. Had multiple targets to choose from on every cast but it proved difficult to pick out the dumb ones (there aren't any). Got a big open mouth refusal from a big fish who sits on the far side of the river just on the edge of the current gulping sulfur duns (the ones without hooks in them). Managed to fool half a dozen two year olds that in the UE are a full two inches shorter than their WB cousins. At 5:00 with the hatch still going strong, I left.

And (remember the plan) headed for the BR for the iso hatch. The BR had fishermen but nothing like last night. Had a quarter mile of river to myself. The isos may have started earlier (it was overcast and cool) because it seemed they were over earlier than last night. Rose several fish that gave me indignant refusals but did find several willing to eat what was put before them. When the isos were done, things quieted down. It wasn't until almost dark that there were risers. I was a long way from the car and I tried my best to give each fish an opportunity to eat but if they didn't come to what I thought was a good offer, I moved on. Hooked and landed a couple of 18.5 inch browns that tied for fish of the day. The rainbows were two year olds between 13 and 15 inches long.

Got back to the car at 8:34, (I think that is exactly when I got back yesterday) a far cry from the 10:00 quit times of late June. It's not often a day goes according to plan. This one did but I'm probably going to have to find a time for a power nap tomorrow.


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