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Posted on August 14 2017

Arrived a Deposit about 3:00 and stopped???  Why??? After all I've said.  There were almost no  sulfurs or rising fish.  The fish I did see rise were 12 inch hatchery fish eating #22/ 26 olives.  DON'T STOP THERE!!!  The fish have been pounded every day, all day, for two months.  You won't do well. Even the recently stocked hatchery fish just down from the sewage treatment plant have been pounded and they have hardly learned to swim in moving water.

If you want a decent chance to get into good fish go anywhere downstream from Hale Eddy and upstream from Stockport.  on bright sunny days don't expect much 'til the sun is off the water.  On cloudy, cool days it can happen in the afternoon.  Don't leave 'til dark. The last 45 minutes of light are as close to a sure thing as you will get.  Get a large coffee and head home (It's getting dark sooner, you'll be on the road by 8:45).

Left the camp around 6:00 and ended up fishing a riff in the lower WB that for some reason I hadn't fished at all this year.  There were olives and steno's on the water when I got there and a few rising fish.  The rising picked up the closer to dark it got.  There was a nice mix of fish with yearling rainbows of about 10 inches, second year browns and a few big fish.  On the last cast of an enjoyable night I cast at a little rainbow that  was steadily sipping the little olives and when it sipped mine it turned into the fish of the day (a 19 inch brown).

After almost running into two bears with the car last year and seeing one behind almost every tree, I had gone the entire season without seeing even a pile of poop, until tonight when a good sized  one walked out in the road in front of me.  It was between Buckingham and Stockport and didn't hurry to get out of sight.  Drove up to it and it calmly walked up the bank side of the road and disappeared in the woods.


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