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Quiet night on the Big River.

Posted on June 28 2016

Several things came up that delayed my departure for the river until a little after three. Uncharacteristically took my time and didn't go out the camp door until after seven.  I might well have gone earlier as it was an overcast olive kind of day but it was too late for afternoon  bugs and still early for the evening fishing.

Took a look at Buckingham, as is my custom, and saw no bugs, birds , risers, fishermen  or trailers.  All of these things pointed to the water having been too warm for too long for fish to still be down river that far.  Onward and up river I went  Stopping at Stockport where there were  two trailers and no cars.

Walked in and down to find Steve (a local landowner/fisherman) holding down the fort.  He said there were fish but the action has been from9:30 'til dark.  It's hard to justify a trip to Stockport for fifteen minutes of fishing if you live more than ten minutes away.  The river was shrouded in a light mist that says "Maybe olives".  to every one who fishes the Big D.  Steve was looking for them and so was I but the pseudo's never appeared.  There were a handful of isos and some cornuta which trout in the faster water were eating on the way up. Sometime after 9:30 there were cahill spinners on the water in modest numbers.

Misty, quiet,  peaceful, only the sound of an occasional fish slashing at an emerger broke the silence.  Finally when it was too dark to even see him a fish rose near me.  By the third time he rose I had him located and he was more than happy to eat my fly.  Turned out to be a fifteen inch brown "the fish of the day".


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