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Refusals in the sulfur zone are like track soup at a hunting camp.

Posted on July 27 2017

With everything outside too wet for me to work on any of my projects, I decided to paint the bathroom.  It's tiny and only took about a third of a gallon of paint but the taping, cutting in and clean up took forever. Didn't leave camp until 2:30, arrived in the Deposit area and had my pick of several pools.  Don't know if fishermen had been and gone or just hadn't come.  There were no flies or risers for about half an hour then the bugs came and the fish rose.

Found a pod of six to eight big fish gulping away in a riff 12 to 18 inches deep.  They took some nymphs subsurface but also ate hundreds of sulfur duns. I fished to them for two hours, got about two dozen refusals and never had a fish eat my fly - until - with the hatch waning, two nice rainbows ate my fly.

Moved downstream below the "sulfur zone" to close out the day.  There were some bugs and the fish were looking up but there weren't enough bugs to keep the fish rising steadily. Some fish rose to blind casts, others that had risen, would eat a drag free cast.  Many of the rising fish were moving around looking for bugs and were hard to get a fly in front of.  Dave from the Troutfitter and Anthony, a Troutfitter regular were fishing upstream from me and came down after sunset. They said the trout were going earlier but the hatch and rising stopped when the sun came out (sound familiar?)

If you see Anthony ask him what fly the trout were eating.    


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