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"Refusals" make for a watery fish chowder

Posted on May 21 2016

There was bright sunshine - wind was no factor - four canoes went by me with a pair of fishermen in each one.  They all said they had bugs and risers all day but they couldn't figure out what the fish were eating.  I told them, "flies without hooks in 'em".

I was apparently below the hatch as there wasn't much going on until the sun got off the water. Cast at what risers I did see and did some "blind " casting.  Got an uncountable number of "refusals" and lost almost half of the fish that I hooked.  As the sun went down and the moon came up there was a brief feeding spell where I got even with a few.

There are over ninety miles of river in the system.  Somewhere today Hendricksons will be rising and somewhere else Green Drakes will be coming off. Being in the right place at the right time is a combination of knowing the trout stream, using information available to everyone and sometimes Bull*** luck.  A group from the Troutfitter, down fishing for a long weekend, found a magic spot on Thursday. They wade fished an area, below where most of the boats were taking out, that was too deep to wade even the day before.  The bugs came all day and the fish ate and the guys had a lifer day.  Today they picked a spot a little further downstream - ask them how they did.


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