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Release cutback causes flood of anglers

Posted on August 06 2015

Word has gotten around that the WB is down to under five hundred cfs
and anglers have arrived to make up for time lost during the spill and
drawdown of Cannonsville. The upper EB had numerous fishermen
lookingfor Tricos this morning. The upper WB where the sulfurs have
beengoing strong had fishermen and boats in every pool. Rumors of
washovers in the upper WB no doubt added anglers to the area.
JunctionPool parking lot had nine cars at 6 o'clock when I stopped by.
Just three days ago there was only one.

The fishing?

After lighting it up yesterday morning, my Trico effort this morning
netted a zero. Found Tricos in abundance but no fish on 'em. In the
afternoon I retreated from the upper WB and fished down low. Found
quite a few fish, some rising and some willing to come up to a blind
cast. For the first time this year I caught a good number of fish born
in April/May of last year. They are now about nine and a half inches
in length. It's always good to see evidence of successful recruitment
(the 2013 rainbow class was very poor so its doubly important that the
2014 crop be a large one.). In the evening I found a secluded spot on
the big river with a good number of fish looking up. Again there were
a lot of the juvenile rainbows but more than enough quality fish to
make for a very good conclusion to the day.

The fish and bugs are doing their part, the rest is up to you.


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