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Reprisals don't often work out, but - - -

Posted on July 30 2018

Two weeks ago on a cloudy overcast day there were bugs on the UEB.  There were also feeding fish and I had a very nice day.  Since Hendrickson time, that was the only day that I found good bugs and feeding fish on the UEB.

With the sky clouding over midday,  the UEB at 300 CFS, (rain and an increase in the release), I decided to see if I could get a July 18th do over. Was busy doing yard work (rain is forecast for the rest of the week, you know) and the time got away from me.  Didn't arrive at the UEB until 4:00.  Don't know what I missed but there were sulfurs and rising fish when I got there.

I cast at rising fish from my arrival until 9:00.  There was a bit of a slow period say from 6:30 until 7:30, but there was always a fish to throw at. Were they easy? Next question.  Did I lose as many as yesterday? No.  Did I catch any "big ones"? No, (lost two fish that I thought were of that ilk but never saw them).  Did any boats go by? No.  Did I see any other anglers? No.

The WB has more consistent bugs.  The fish of the same age in the WB  are longer, fatter, fight harder (excepting most of the fish in the WB "Sulfur Zone") and are easier to catch than the fish in the UEB.  So, why go to the UEB?  Because sometimes, just sometimes, it's a better place to be.  It's not for everybody.


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