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Right place for the wrong reason.

Posted on July 29 2019

Left Lafayette about 6:30 this morning hoping to fish a trico spinner fall on the Upper East branch. With the temp already at 66 degrees the chances of getting there in time were slim to none, but you never know. At Binghamton the car thermometer hit 70 - no hope of arriving on time now. Was pondering my next move when I drove into the WB fog at Deposit. The temp plunged back to 66, maybe just maybe. The BE water is too warm for fog and the temp began to rise again. I kept going anyway and sure enough there was fog on the river at East Branch and the temp went back to 66. There was already a fisherman at the best trico spot on the UE (they must be hatching I thought) so I drove on up the river to the next vacant pool. Was so anxious to get to the river for the spinner fall that I didn't notice that there were no waxwings in the air (or tricos either for that matter) until I was right down to the water.

What to do next? Stood there watching the bugless water flow by when a fish rose. Saw three fish rise in casting range before I made a cast. Rose all three, hooked two and landed one. By the time the third fish came unstuck the pool was alive with rising fish (good sized ones at that). For the next three hours I was into rising fish eating tiny olives and tiny spinners.

The midday was spent unpacking, putting away and staying in the camp out of the hot sun.

Went out about 6:00 and ran into a heavy shower the corner of which hit Deposit, most of it went by to the north. The shower was enough to cover the river in fog so that I wasn't aware of the thermal release until I was in the water. There were sulfurs and rising fish for about a half hour and then the cold release water shut things down. Went down river to Hancock and got out of most of the fog, all of the bugs and all of the rising trout.

If you are fishing the Delaware River system this time of year it helps if you know what you are doing (it's a much bigger help to get lucky!)


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