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Same old, same old.

Posted on September 10 2016

I don't fish on the weekends, but here I am writing a fishing report on Saturday night. Our social calendar is quite rigid during the "big bug" season. My wife understands and I love her for it. This time of year I am happy to make concessions to preserve peace in the family and to see friends who aren't available on the weekends. The last two weeks have been a little jumbled but it's late in the season and the fishing has been slow anyway.

It's the second Saturday in September and from 3:45 until 7:15 twelve boats went by me. The worst part is that I drove upstream past all of the parking areas jammed with trailers to avoid the congestion. Every one was polite and no one disturbed my fishing. But still.

It was sunny, hot and muggy, AGAIN! Have never seen a summer with such unrelenting heat. The water temp at Stilesville is still cold (although the water below the thermocline has been depleted). This late in the season a small increase in the temp of water coming out of Cannonsville should not cause any problems. Water temp on the big river is fine for trout all the way down to Lordville. I'll let you know if, when and where I find trout below Stockport.

The fishing? I an temped to say it's picking up because I had (by recent standards) a decent day. Up review, however, I have to say not much has changed. I cast a fly at three rising fish in three and a half hours. This, with enough olives on the water that one would think some fish would be up. Thankfully I was able to rise enough fish blind casting to make the catch total ok. The boats coming by me, however, confirmed my opinion that not much has changed. No one was casting, everyone that went by was sitting down and no one claimed to be having a good day.

Perhaps somewhere the fish were eating ants (there were none where I was) or maybe anglers hooked fish on nymphs or streamers but the fish where I was were not up. When things change I'll let you know.


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