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Save the last dance for me.

Posted on October 27 2023

It was just too nice a day to spend sitting in a tree. Scheduled an 11:30 hair cut at Vicki's in Deposit and drove down from Lafayette arriving at 11:27. Was out before noon which left me plenty of time to open the camp, put away my stuff, blow the leaves off the front yard, and have lunch before heading out to fish at 1:30.

By 3:00 I had driven from Lordville to the Willow and back down the BK to Jaws all without seeing a single bug or rise. From 3:00 until 3:45 I fished two bugless pools and had four 12 inch rainbows eat my offerings. One has a size 22 pseudo and almost three feet of tippet as a souvenir. I didn't see the take and just might have hooked a little too briskly when I felt something tugging on the line. Landed two of the other three, one just came unstuck. 

A stop on the EB at about 4:00 resulted in my spotting  the first flies of the day but alas, nary a riser. Stopped on a run in the WB which is high (for pseudo fishing) and "stained' as they like to say. Ten minutes there was more than enough. Not a bug on the water.

Last stop was on the BR where there actually were some pseudos and rising fish. Lost track of the time but I probably fished for about an hour, hooking and landing two pubescent browns (14 and 16 inches), getting one refusal and a plethora of ignores.

It was too nice for the pseudos, the color on the hills is still very good (some are almost bare but the oaks are near peak, it was a warm and beautiful day but the water is cold and two shirts were barely enough when the sun got off the water. Will be watching a double header tonight. SU vs VT and our granddaughter's team playing the undefeated league leaders. Plan on fishing tomorrow and then heading home (unless it's really good), won't be draining the pipes until  Nov.5th, but the fat lady is getting ready to sing.


  • Ed Smith: October 27, 2023

    Angler119-Glad you were able to catch some nice fish after doing quite a bit of searching. These late in the season days are really tough. I was away this week but hope to get one more chance before I stop. But the fat lady is definitely warming up in the wings. Good luck to your granddaughter in today’s volleyball. And a very cool Drifter’s reference.Enjoy. Ed

  • Dennis : October 27, 2023

    Heading down to fish today. I hope there are some bugs. A119 thanks for the information. I know this will be the last time. Hope to end on a positive note

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