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Posted on September 08 2021

Left camp about 2:00 and decided to spend the day over on the BK. Why? It has been too high to fish since Ida, it has the best iso hatches in the entire river system, it has good fall olives, it was almost down to the level at which I like to fish it (300 to 450 cfs) and todays predicted rain would probably put it back up into the unfishable category.

Found the rocks along the shoreline covered with iso husks. Some rocks had over a dozen husks on them and there were rocks that were still wet that had husks on them. So how was the iso hatch? Saw a few hatching during the afternoon but saw nothing that got the fish going. What did get the fish up were tiny olives hatching along the far bank of Cemetery Pool.  Cemetery is one of my favorite pools on the BK, it has some good fish, the riff dumping into it is an iso factory, there are fall pseudos and catching the fish that sit in the slow water along the far bank is a casting challenge. If you go there watch out for the big flat rocks, they are slippery. Stepped on one today while playing a fish and didn't come to the end of it until my olive box got submerged, it's sitting here on the table drying out as I type.

The fishing - Lets be honest. There are some big wild fish in the BK but most of the fish are stocked. Hooking wild rainbows in the BR is exciting. Fishing to the olive sipping fish in Cemetery Pool today was fun. Never saw a big fish up and eating but I had lots of targets. This time of year the hatchery trout are just as hard to fool as their river born cousins. From 4:00 until 6:00 (when I got back to the car before the first downpour), every cast was at a fish sipping olives or emergers on or just under the surface. Got refused a bunch but did fool seven fish and land five, all between 11.75 and 12.75 inches. 

Drove back to Hancock at 45 mph with the flashers on (no one passed me). Sat in the Junction Pool parking lot with no rain coming down but a dark purple sky to the west.  There were a few fish rising and I would have fished if it hadn't started to pour again.

As I type this I can see five deer bedded down in the back yard with apples all over the ground. The rain is pounding down on the porch roof. It may be a while before I get to fish the BK again.

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  • Dennis: September 08, 2021

    I fished the no kill section today and had it to my self. There weren’t many fish rising at all. I landed a couple of fish on a olive cripple. I left just before the rain came.
    Thanks for the info on the BK and the BR. Going back to Bard Parker again!!!!!

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