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Posted on September 11 2023

Sitting home today watching an all day drizzle that hopefully produces olives and feeding fish for all those on the river. Was surprised to see that it's been three weeks since the last WK&TL page. Even more surprised that there were next to no questions during those three weeks.

Hopefully last week was the nadir of my season, if the rivers aren't blown out, the predicted cooler weather will perk up the fishing. The olives have been hatching in the coldest water and fish have been on them - albeit carefully and only just before dark. 

Dennis, Perfect Manhattans come in two flavors rye and bourbon. Personally I agree with your good wife and use rye in mine, no bitters thanks, and just a lemon twist (skip the cherry please). Andy thanks for the tip on the catchup at Wendy's but I couldn't reach it from the car window, thought I would find it in the bag.

The mysterious "Black Boat" added some intrigue to the comments section, Scarlet Pimpernel indeed. Quite sure I saw him drifting quietly by in the heavy fog one night with his skull & crossbones flag hanging limply from the mast.    

Just noticed there was a question on "the pay side". Darryl Bogart asked about the algae that is plaguing the WB this year. The WB drainage area above the reservoir contains thousands of acres of farm land which results in excessive amounts of fertilizer being washed into the river. The water under the bridge at the upstream end of the reservoir is often a light pea green during the sunny summer months. The nutrients also aid and abet the growth of the heavy chunks of algae that flow out of the reservoir in the release water. New York City has purchased farmland in the drainage area when possible in an effort to cut down on the amount of nutrients entering the reservoir. The amount of algae in the river seems to vary from year and is perhaps related to both the amount of fertilizer washed into the reservoir and the amount of sunlight. This year (and right now for sure) it's as bad as I've ever seen. 


  • Jim N: September 11, 2023


    Good article on the topic.

  • D Martin: September 11, 2023


    Can of worms regarding the bottleneck riff (head of pool) at Long Flat and some other areas along UEB.
    I have talked to the man who has property there on several occasions. He claims ownership, but his claim has no standing, at least not one he’s proven in court. and it is based on very outdated records that indicate a mishmash of public record.
    The DEC and local law enforcement doesn’t really want to get into it.
    Sometimes I cross below (or up above that stretch) and fish from the other side. No one has ever said a thing when that’s the case.
    Or, I wade to mid-river and keep fishing, and he has never followed through on calling the police –
    I suspect because he knows he has no standing. It’s a lot of aggravated silliness in my book.

  • Dennis: September 11, 2023

    A119 please clear this up for me. I was at long flats yesterday and saw a pole with multiple warnings on it that the river is owned by that land owner’s association. Can they stop you from fishing there? Do they harass fishermen. I’ve read about the law suits and has anything been done. That’s great water I plan on fishing there again. Do I need to prepare for a confrontation.
    Thanks for clarifying the perfect Manhattan.

  • James : September 11, 2023


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