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Should have spent more time painting today.

Posted on June 23 2020

Went out this morning and fished two places on the WB that I haven't fished in several weeks, one above Hale Eddy and one in the middle section.  There was a pulse of about 750 cfs sent down the river from Cannonsville yesterday to help cool the BR.  The flow was back down in the WB this morning but the water was in the low 50's and there was no hatching or rising.

This evening I drove up the UE where the water has been above 70 degrees at Harvard the last two days.  There were a handful of fishermen on the BE (at almost 80 degrees), hope they were fishing for bass.  There were a couple of cars at Long Flat where the temp was probably above 70.  Above Shinhopple there were multiple fishermen in every pool. Glassed several pools and never saw a bug or a rise (at 7:00), did a u turn and headed back to Hancock.

With another large pulse of cold water heading down  the WB, I was leery of the effect it would have on bug hatches there and again opted for the BR.  This time I went downstream from Junction Pool.  Found nothing until almost dark then lots of sulfur spinners and a few rising fish.  Hooked and landed two nice rainbows that kept me off the Troutfitter's "Seat of redemption".

The outlook -  A search back through my logs showed sulfurs in Deposit as early as the 20th of June and as late as the 4th of July.  The "pulses" that have been  sent down the WB five of the last seven days haven't helped the fishing in the WB but are unquestionably of great benefit to the fishery as a whole.  The temps being 10 degrees above normal with bright sun and no rain has been a killer. There are thunderstorms forecast for tonight - we'll see.  The predicted temps for the next 8 days are still 5 to 10 degrees above normal.

Should you come?  If it's your planned week, yes.  If you come every Thursday, come.  If you are thinking about  a last minute trip, wait a bit, there will be a time when you will have a better chance to catch fish.


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