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Posted on August 04 2023

Didn't fish today until 6:30. Attended a meeting at the DEC Office in Stamford from 10:00 until 2:00 and mowed the lawn on my return. Decided to fish another down river pool on the BR. There were three fishermen in the Lordville riff and one angler in sight several hundred yards above where I fished. 

There were enough isos in the air and on the water that I was confident the fish would give my fly a look. Saw a fair number of boils by what appeared to be good fish. Many were out of my reach. Did have good shots at about ten fish. Hooked a yearling and an adult rainbow. Both fish came unstuck in the first ten seconds. The rest of the fish I threw at never acknowledged my existence.

Ed and Dennis - If memory serves me, you have both suffered a similar fate. If you want to contact David at the Troutfitter and schedule a mutually agreeable date it would be my pleasure to join you in raising a glass to the trout who have bettered us. I'll even buy.


  • TROUTFITTER: August 05, 2023

    You know it’s tough when The Troutfitter is taking reservations for “The Bench”.

  • Dennis: August 04, 2023

    A119 You are Mortal!!!!! I would love to join Ed and you on the Bench. I had a good day Wednesday and will be down after the member guest golf tournament this weekend. I will stop in and see Dave and schedule the bench event.
    Let’s hope this doesn’t happen often!!!! CHEERS!!!

  • Ed Smith: August 04, 2023

    Angler119 Yestetday was tougher than usual on the WB. Hit a good trico spinners fall on the Willow yesterday morning. The cold water and cold morning air temps resulted in a late spinner fall – started at 8:30 . Landed 3 12”ers,had another 6 or 8 Pop off( # 26 hook, still no excuse ) and great fun. Hit the Red Barn at 12. No crowds-only one nice lady from Va. . Not a good sign . Cold, cloudy and windy. A pretty good hatch , not many fish working . The only fish landed was a beautiful 16”er by the lady . Around 4 the main hatch was over and I was dusting off by seat on the bench when I landed a 15”brown on an ant and the. 14 12 “ rainbow on a sulpher emerger ( light secondary hatch?) Great fun

  • Ed Smith: August 04, 2023

    Angler119- Your memory serves you well . Last year I hit a really strong ISO hatch in riffles by the Red Barn. The fish were on them and I tried everything I could think of. Not even a look. I’d love to join You and Dennis for a drink to comeserate and compare notes.

  • Jim N: August 04, 2023

    Is the bench big enough for a fourth?

    After a decent day on Wednesday (several we’re small in size which made me feel good for the future), I spent 4 hours on Thursday casting to risers and only had 6 refusals and one hook set that was spit out immediately. I got to the point where I ran out of patterns to throw. It was amazing to see how picky those trout were. Saw more anglers come and go (6-7) than fish caught (1).

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