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So how was Angler 119's day?

Posted on April 19 2016

He hooked over a dozen large trout and cast at six or eight more that were vary particular about what they ate. At one point he had landed only two of eight and ended the day six for  fourteen.

The fish were found, for the most part, in fast moving water with  difficult wading. It was hard to see rises in the heavy water. It was a challenge to wade close enough to make a cast to many of the fish. If a fish ate the fly the advantage was still with the fish as it is  never easy to land a fish in heavy water. I broke fish off, fish broke me off, fish got into the backing and the line got caught around rocks, one fish came unstuck when it was half in the net, another ran downstream around a bridge abutment and was gone.

This, to me, is what fly fishing is all about. Seeing the rise, wading within casting range, making the cast, hooking the fish and trying to  land it. Floating down the river watching a bobber is just not the same sport.


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