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So, how was my day?

Posted on May 10 2018

Now I'm not one who gets emotionally attached to automobiles, but today was the day to say good by to my 2011 Santa Fe which has given me over 174,000 absolutely trouble free miles.  Picked up my new ride, loaded it up with my fishing gear and headed back to the camp.

Arrived to find that the bathroom sink that I have been working on for the past two weeks is still leaking.  Happy to report that the internet that was out for five days is now working like a champ, however, the landline phone is dead.  Back to India and " All of our representatives are busy helping other customers. Your call is important to us. We're sorry for your inconvenience. Etc, etc, etc. 

Decided to just go fishing and deal with less important matters later, BUT WAIT, where was my fishing vest? On a hook in the garage right where I put it when I emptied the Santa Fe!  What to do?  After rejecting several more drastic options, I sat down and tied four Hendricksons, scrounged through a "rejects box", picking out a few Hendrickson spinners, some caddis and a couple more Hendrickson duns.  Tied a clipper to some mono and hung it around my neck along with a spare landing net on an elastic cord.  Forgot about flotant and a  rain coat.

The results:  Without flotant, the flies sank like a stone.  When I got about a half mile from the car I heard the first thunder.  Shortly thereafter the fish started to rise. It wasn't pretty but I hooked five fish landing four and breaking off one.  Made it back to the car  slightly out of breath and more than a little wet.  The fish of the day was a 19 and 3/4 inch rainbow that looked good but didn't have much to offer post spawn.  The two browns were both fat, full of fight and wanted nothing to do with me.

Don't care much for Verizon, but LOVE THE BIG RIVER !!!


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