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So maybe I've got a bone to pick.

Posted on September 16 2023

There's not much question fall has arrived. Spent a couple hours working both out in the yard and then up in the sleeping quarters and didn't sweat a bit.

 Somethings going on with the Lordville deer. There's been a button buck following me around the yard for the past two weeks, never with a doe. Two days ago he showed up with his girl friend a small fawn still covered with spots. They were both laying down on the front lawn watching the cars go by (not 15 feet from the road). The herd? No where to be seen. There were tracks in the dew this morning but I never saw an adult deer all day. Tonight when I got home I went out on the back porch and spooked a doe that earlier this week I had to run at just to get her away from my archery target while I'm trying to shoot. Just maybe someone's shopping for their winter meat a little early.

Left camp about 3:00 after watching a thrilling volleyball game (for parents and grandparents). The good guys North Dakota State, who lost 3-0 to West Virginia yesterday evening, were playing Old Dominion the team that beat WVU 3-0 yesterday morning. After sleepwalking through a chance to claim a power five scalp, NDS came alive and beat ODU in a hotly contested five setter.  Note - All future volleyball postings will be on the pay side only.

The UEB - It's no secret I've been fishing the UEB. I've told you so. There was no one on the river anywhere when I started two weeks ago and there were decent bugs and some fish eating them (carefully). Today, I couldn't even find a place to park a car between East Branch (the Sunoco Station) and Harvard where I turned around and fled the scene. At least a couple of the seven parked cars had to be readers of the report. If you're gonna keep me off the river, at least fess up and tell us how you did.

The fishing - Found less crowded water on the BK where I extracted a morsel of revenge (two fish) on one pool and then gambled on a difficult spot to get to only to fail to see bugs or fish. Back in the car at 5:45 heading for the WB where I found an unoccupied pool and was able to salvage what was otherwise a frustrating afternoon of fishing. A nice 16 inch brown was fish of another delightful day on the still busy river.


  • Dennis: September 16, 2023

    The last major golf tournament is over!!! (😀) for me. It’s now time to focus on fall fishing. Have to mow tomorrow then come Monday I am on the rivers. I have to catch a bunch of fish to get even with last year.
    Sounds like a good night A119.

  • Ed Smith: September 16, 2023

    Angler119- Nothing to report. I was back in NJ planting grass seed. Glad you caught some fish . Congrats to North Dakota State. Ed

  • Jim N: September 16, 2023

    I wasn’t on the UEB, but was waiting for the volleyball report. Looks like I’ll have to go to ESPNs website instead of Troutfitters from now on. : (

  • j: September 16, 2023

    I was on ueb. Rising fish but no takers. Hours of enjoyable frustration.

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