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So where should I fish?

Posted on August 22 2021

 Drove down to Lordville today.  Traffic along 81 was moving along at somewhere between 80 and 85 mph. As cars sped by I kept checking my cruse to see if I had set it wrong. State fair traffic? Perhaps some, but the light didn't come on until I got near Binghamton and saw the signs directing drivers to the university. Students were returning to college and traffic resembled I-95 on the last weekend in March with all of the snowbirds heading north.

Arrived at the Lordville Estate not to fish but to mow the grass and drive the trailer to Lafayette. There are several trips to the dump on the schedule. Finished the lawn, re-braced the peach trees, hooked up the trailer and was back on the road in time to take Jean out for dinner. 

First plumber didn't show, second is to be here between 9:00 and 11:00 tomorrow morning. The gentleman who is doing the repair work on the trout and bass ponds came by and feels he can do the work in the coming week.  Fishing, if any, will have to be scheduled around Jeans departure for Florida, and days when work is not being done on the house and ponds. 

Dennis, in his comment following the " Upon Further Review" page was a bit defensive about what might well have been considered another case of whining. Submitted his comment to a neutral panel of behavior experts and in a narrow 3/2 decision, he was found guilty of the lesser charge of mewling, jail time is unlikely but he will no doubt required to do several hours of community service.

Paul - You asked about mid September fishing. I actually went back and looked at last September's blog entries and think they offer a good picture of what to expect. I seldom know where I will fish from one day to the next and often change my mind several times during the day. That said, if the system isn't blown out, and if temps are normal or below it's well worth fishing in September.  At some time there will be ants , isos, olives  (pseudos), ephorons, brown caddis and hebes on the water. With many guides and anglers heading for the Lake Ontario salmon runs there will be fewer fishermen. Your chances of finding relaxed fish sipping duns increases as the pressure decreases. It's also hard to beat the fall color in the Catskills. 

If you've been on the river use the comment section to bring fellow anglers up to date.


  • Dennis : August 26, 2021

    A119 we haven’t heard from you in 4days. How are things going up there?? Hope all is well!! I need more words to look up!!
    I fished Tuesday and had some bugs. It was a smorgasbord of bugs caddis, sulfur,BWO and Cahill. Caught a few and lost a few.
    Take care

  • Paul: August 25, 2021

    Thank you for the reply A119. I wish I could contribute to the log but it’s a 5 hour trip for me so I only get to fish there every few weeks.

  • Dennis : August 23, 2021

    A119 it was good to hear from you!!! I hope all the plumbing goes well. I don’t know what mewling means. I will look it up. You learn something every day!! I haven’t been fishing. ,golf and my wife’s birthday have kept me busy. It’s on the schedule for tomorrow and Wednesday.
    Hope the repairs go well and look forward to hearing reports on the fishing!! 🎣🏌🏿‍♂️ Take care

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