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So you thought I had an easy job.

Posted on September 30 2017

When I left for Florida the iso's were hatching everywhere.  The WB was at 450 CFS and the big river was below 900.  Temps were good in the entire river system and fishing was great.

While I was gone a heat wave raised the water temps above 70.  Lack of rain required increased flows of silt laden water in the WB to meet downstream minimum flow requirements. The iso's said enough was enough and quit hatching.  Then the cold front hit dropping air temps forty degrees. There has been no significant rain.  Releases have increased in the WB while flows elsewhere have continued to drop to levels so low even a good cast sends fish for cover.

Today with a high temp of 52 degrees there were pseudos!  Lots and lots of 'em.  So many of them that you couldn't even find your fly among them. There was a pesky upstream breeze that created instant drag. There were three and even four cars parked by nearly every pool on the Beaverkill and UEB. With all the  fishermen and "wade guides" sloshing around in the low water the fish were on "red alert" all day long and refused to eat anything with a hook in it.

See if I leave you in charge of the river again.


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