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So you want to fish the Delaware.

Posted on August 18 2016

If you want to go trout fishing you really don't have many viable options right now. It's been hot and in many places, dry. Freestone streams are too low and warm to fish. Tailwaters? You've got the Delaware River System, arguably the best trout stream east of the Rockies right in your back yard. Big browns and rainbows sipping dries, any anglers dream. Just hop in the car, head on down and catch a few - but wait - before you go, take a look at the Delaware River Club daily report. They are trying to encourage people to come and fish, it's how they pay the bills. They like to have a picture in every daily report showing one of their anglers gleefully holding up a big fish. Since back in early June there have been a lot of pictures of river flow charts, may flies and "fish caught last week". Delaware River fishing is never easy and right now its very demanding.

The Delaware River fish are perhaps harder to catch than fish in any other river. Why? Because the river system is located in proximity to millions of people and more than enough very good fishermen and guides. The fish have been caught many times. They don't like being caught. They have become very careful about what they eat. If you want to catch fish here you need to give the trout way more credit than you have in the past. They see and hear everything. They didn't miss your fly they rejected it. If you throw it again it just lets them know they were right the first time. Change flies often, wade quietly, make short accurate casts, get away from the crowds, fish water that isn't getting pounded 24/7 and enjoy the wildlife and scenery that is so much a part of the Delaware River system.

Right now if you do catch a nice fish - it is a real accomplishment.


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