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Some days are better than others.

Posted on August 01 2018

If you like variety today was the day for you. There was sunshine, partly cloudy skies, cloudy skies, rain and fog.  There was a good sulfur hatch which was underway when I arrived about 1:45 and continued until 5:30  after the rain there were good olive hatch.

If you are looking for a challenge the Delaware is the place for you.  The fish fed from about two until I left the upper WB at 7:00.  They have learned not to eat duns and do most of their feeding subsurface.  Never saw a nose above the water.  To catch one on a dry fly is something to be proud of.

The cold water has extended the afternoon sulfur hatch at least to the bottom of the "17" pool (Dream Catchers).  There was one other wade fisherman in the pool.  He got there before me, stood in the prime spot and never moved. Saw him catch two fish.  Four boats came down, each anchoring within casting distance of the same pods of rising fish. Saw one guide hook and land a fish.  Guide boat sports don't necessarily catch a lot of fish but they keep most of the fish in the river on constant alert as they are thrown at all day long.

My day - Had rising fish and the opportunity to hook and land lots of them. Was ignored by the vast majority of the fish I threw at.  Was refused by enough fish to make me think about changing my deodorant.  Hooked eight and landed four in the afternoon. The evening was a complete bust, fog, no bugs and no risers.  In the car at 8:30, my earliest quit in months.

Did I enjoy the day? You bet. 


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