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Some days are like that

Posted on August 14 2015

Bright sun in an almost cloudless sky is not what fishermen pray for.
Up river sulfurs never really got going below Oquaga Creek.

 With a fair number of fishermen on the water and little to throw at,
I spent almost three hours in the WB no kill below the Gentlemen's
Club fishing to four bank sippers who were eating tiny olives along a
shaded side of the stream.  I was in waist deep water in the shade and
almost froze.  Hooked and landed a nineteen and a seventeen incher on
a tiny olive emerger.  One only rose a few times and I never had a
chance to get a good shot at him.  The fourth fish was clearly smarter
than me. He totally ignored my offerings and went on sipping olives
until out of desperation I put on a sulfur. He came up to the sulfur
and somehow sucked it under without eating it and then never rose

I drove down river with the heater on and fished in warmer water.
There were no bugs on the river when I arrived. Thirty minutes later
the water was covered with olives. Hooked and landed three nice
rainbows, then hit a wall.  The fish were feeding and they saw my fly
(many refusals) but in over an hour of casting numerous patterns at
rising fish I never landed a single one.

Some days the fish win.


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