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Some days are like that.

Posted on June 23 2017

Buoyed by my success the last two days I again set out for the EB in the morning.  Fished a riff/run where I had success early in the year and had a big zero the second time around.  Today turned out to be sorta in between.  There were no olives (or any other bugs for that matter) nor were there any (alright I saw one) risers. Started with an olive and later switched to an iso.

How'd I do?  In three hours of blind casting I rose 12 fish,  hooked (and landed ) four.  Never got a single one of the refusers to look at a second fly.  Saw one drift boat (courteous) and no other fishermen.

After my mandated rest period I set out to fish the BR.  What was I thinking?  It's Friday and anglers were as thick as maggots on a road side kill, filling up parking lots , rowing upriver in pontoon boats, and carrying kayaks over the RR tracks to launch and paddle across the river (to where I intended to fish).  After three false starts, I pulled the plug and headed back to the "fishless"  EB.

How'd I do?  In two hours of fishing I rose 8 fish, hooked three and landed two.  A few olives hatched but there was no spinner fall. There were no drift boats or other anglers to be seen.

Would you take that kind of day?


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