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Some days it don't come easy.

Posted on July 18 2018

With the cooler temp, a "delightful" breeze and bright sun it was a day better suited for yard work than fishing.  Didn't go until 4:00 when there was a chance of getting both the sun and wind off the water on the UEB.

Yesterday's cloud cover and fog produced enough bugs to get the fish up and feeding.  Today's bright sun and high pressure seemed to stifle both the hatch and the feeding trout.  There were bugs but not enough to get the fish excited. You had to look hard to find feeding fish.

Fished four different places that I hadn't fished more than once all year.  Caught fish on each stop but it was slow going.  Made the final stop at 7:30 and had to wait over an hour before the combination of the "evening hatch" and the spinnerfall got the fish up and eating.  It made for an exciting last hour of fishing.  The number of fish that appeared out of nowhere last night and tonight reaffirmed my belief that there is a really good number of fish in the river system.

The fish of the day was a 19.5  inch brown that ate a small olive right in front of me and took off straight downstream peeling off the flyline and all but five or six turns of backing.  It is never a good feeling to look at the reel and be able to see bare spool. Fortunately the fish ran out of gas before I ran out of line.  When I was able to turn him he came back up stream as fast as I could reel in the line and was easily netted.  There is no comparison in the fight of a fresh fish and one that has been caught repeatedly (say in the sulfur zone).


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