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Some fish have a liking for olives.

Posted on July 25 2017

When I left camp around 1:00 I was undecided on whether to give the Neversink a try or to do battle in the sulfur zone up in Deposit.  Headed west with the idea that it was early and if the WB was too muddy, high or crowded I could still head east on 17 and see if the Neversink had a sulfur hatch.

The WB was clear above Oquaga, was at a nice height and there was room to fish.  Shared a pool with long time river friend Mike.  The sulfurs and olives got going about two.  It was a good hatch (probably the best sulfur hatch I've seen all year).  Mike hooked and broke off a good one and then landed a nice 17 incher.  When he left to take his wife to Binghamton the sulfurs were waning but the olives were still going strong.

Saw a nice fish rise and got him to eat my olive.  When I landed him and reached into the net to get him out there was leader going in every direction.  Untangled the mess, unhooked my fly and then went to work on the other hook.  It was attached to three feet of tippet and was lodged well back in the fish's mouth.

The fish was a beautiful 19 inch brown and funny thing, the fly was an olive cripple,  just what Mike said he was using (I saved the fly for next time I see him).

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  • fred zaiko: August 06, 2017

    If that was Mike Chase, tell him I said hello the next time you see him. I am still using the “one” fly in CT on the Farmington River and catching fish. As always I enjoy your posts!

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