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Posted on September 26 2019

It was an overcast drizzly day and yes there were olives from two to four on the UE. Saw a few caddis on the two Bk pools that I tried and no bugs on the BE pool I fished.

Took a drive down the BR as far as Hankins, water was off color  even down there. Stopped at Basket Brook and Kellums  Bridge looking for risers - nothing.  Cut cross lots over to Fishs Eddy (kind of a neat drive) with the intention of trying McCarter's pool again without people standing across the river throwing lures at me. Alas I arrived in a downpour and continued on up to the BK where I managed to hook a couple of nice bows.

Went up Rte 30 about 2:00 and found pseudos and rising fish in a pool that was vacant for the first time in the last ten days. The heavy pressure showed as the few fish feeding would stop rising soon as my first cast floated over them. Saw several come up under the fly for a look and go down never to be seen again. Did manage to hook five and land four.  Another angler silently slipped into the pool downstream from me and fished his way down and across without affecting my fishing one bit. By 4:00 the rising had all but stopped and I reeled it in and left.

Made one short stop on a pool on the BE, never rose a fish, saw a rise or even a bug on the water. Drove into the Junction Pool parking lot on the way back to camp and took a look. Nary a riser to be seen. Back at camp by 5:30.

I don't know if I'll fish tomorrow or not. Both the fish and I have had about enough. Under the current low water conditions the dry fly fishing is very limited and the fishing pressure has been high. The fish are constantly on red alert, looking at every fly they eat with great care. The "fishing day" is now too short and the opportunities too limited to justify me being here five days a week. I'll be back and forth between my tree stand and here during October and will post when I fish. 


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