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Sometimes it ain't easy being me.

Posted on August 21 2015

With rain overnight and wind in the morning the outlook for trico fishing wasn't great to begin with.  When I got up at six thirty the temp was seventy one, tricos run out of gas and fall when the temp is around sixty nine. Grabbed two pieces of toast, a cup of coffee and headed for the river. When I arrived there were tricos on the water and in the air. There were pods of fish up and eating. How long the spinners had been on the water I don't know but  it was over almost two hours earlier than yesterday. How'd I do? 0!  Caught several of the nine inchers, had two twelve inchers within reach of  the net when they came unstuck and had several indignant refusals from quality fish.


Beat the rain mowing the lawn and tied some new (hopefully better) trico spinners and was about to head out when the first rain came. When the rain let up I went out looking for (what else ) olives. There weren't any. Spent two hours blind casting and hooked and landed three quality fish.


Ended the day on the big river in a light rain with no bugs until dark. When the bugs came the fish fed and I landed three of four fishin the late feeding frenzy.


When the one armed bandit serves you lemons, keep on casting.


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