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Sometimes it would be easier to win the lottery.

Posted on August 30 2017

When I said in yesterday's post "I won't go to the big river tomorrow", I was repeating a saying often heard  among guides and fishermen on the river.  "If you do good on the river today, go somewhere else tomorrow".  The river is a fickle and ever changing lady.  Clouds / bright sun,  wind / no wind, rain / no rain, increased flows/decreased flows, boat traffic / wade fishermen, air and water temps, insect hatches and spinner falls are all things to consider when deciding where on the river to fish.

Does anybody get it right all the time?  No of course not.  The best you can hope for is to be right more than you are wrong and be ready to pull the plug and try another place if  "Plan A" isn't what the fish had in mind today.

Yesterday on a cold, cloudy, misty day there were bugs and rising fish all afternoon. today in the bright sun I threw at three rising fish.  The fish wanted to eat (they almost always do) so I spent the day blind casting (it is after all what nymph fishermen do and casting a dry fly is a lot more fun).

How'd I do?  Good.  Not a spectacular day like yesterday but a very nice day on the big river.  Two 18 inch rainbows tied for fish of the day.          


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