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Sometimes it's over before you know it.

Posted on October 03 2017

 It kinda snuck up on me is what it did. The "Irma" necessitated trip to Florida knocked nine days out of September.  I no sooner got back and it was October.  Didn't even stop at Marino's until yesterday to get my archery license. A dentist appointment and social obligations will fill up the remainder of this week and then I'll be doing a little bow hunting while trying to cross off items on the "to-do" list back home.  To put it in words fly fishermen will understand, Angler 119's reports are about to become "sporadic and intermittent".  Sort of on an if I go, you'll know basis.

The fishing.  After a frosty morning it was another bright sunny day with no chance of rain.  Temps got up into the 70's and the fish, who are without sunglasses, hunkered down along shady banks and under rocks.  Drove around reflecting on the season (more on that later) and opted to fish a long riff in the Beaverkill strewn with basketball sized boulders, in part, because no one else would ever be crazy enough to fish there. Caught fish at the bottom and top of the riff but was refused by 8 or 10 fish in the middle.  Climbed a steep bank of rocks and started to walk back to the car when I saw three guys fishing the middle of the riff.  Walked by the path down to where they were fishing on the way to the car. (As with many of my postings, there just might be a clue to catching more fish in this paragraph).

Ended the day sharing the tailout of a pool on the big river with another angler.  There were fish feeding, a full moon  rising and two anglers casting at fish that had no intention of being caught.  The cool October air stilled the bugs and the fish quit rising somewhat earlier than they would have on a warm August night.  We walked out together, two strangers, both with a love of where we were, what we do and willing to overlook how we did.

Hope the reports have helped you, in some way, be more successful when fishing the Delaware River System.  It is, you know, one of, if not the, most difficult places to catch fish.


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