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Posted on August 17 2017

With a bright sun in the sky all day, I was in no rush to go out to fish.  Left camp about 4:30 and headed for the cold water up top of the UEB.  The trout were feeding on something subsurface (not the olive duns I could see on the surface) and I spent a good hour and a half not catching them.

Second stop was in a narrow stretch of stream where the sun had already gone behind the hill.  Six or eight trout were feeding quite steadily on something I again couldn't see.  Saw the ones closest to me come up partway, give my flies a look and return to the bottom (they kept right on feeding on whatever they were eating).  Those rising across the stream were more obliging and ate my offerings. A 17 incher eating near the far bank gleefully ate an olive with a hook in it and was fish of the day.

Third stop was further downstream where the trout were again eating something  not visible to the human eye.  Finally got them to eat a soft hackle fished in the film.  When the hackle came unwound it was almost dark and there were flies on the water and feeding fish everywhere. Tied on an olive that I couldn't begin to see.  Switched to a cahill which several decent trout ate and came unstuck due to excessive angler angst.

 It's probably not a good idea to be looking for the "next fish" in the dark while you're playing a fish that's worth landing.

On the way back to camp I had to keep turning on the windshield washer and wipers as the windshield kept getting smeared with - - midges.  Hmmmm.


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