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Sometimes they don't play fair.

Posted on September 04 2015

I know trico spinners fall at sixty nine degrees.  Yesterday it was foggy and sixty one when I got up.  Two hours later it was still foggy and sixty one.  Got in the car and drove to a trico pool where it was sixty one degrees and sat for an hour watching the mass of tricos go up and down thirty feet above the water while the waxwings had themfor breakfast.

Today it was foggy and sixty four when I got up. Had breakfast and left for another trico pool with the car saying it was still only sixty four. When I arrived the car said it was up to sixty five. I could just see the sun through the fog.  Looked out on the pool and the fish were going every where.  Put on my waders and walked out into a pool covered with fallen tricos. The action was hot and heavy for an hour (three hours yesterday) and then it was over. They must have gotten the tricos to quit flying early.

With the bright sun and hot humid conditions your afternoons are better spent tying flies in an air conditioned room.  Ventured out at about six and didn't see a single fish rise to the little olives that were hatching in the bright sunlight. When the sun finally got off the water there were very few bugs and even fewer risers.

Under the present conditions you should feel good if you get three orfour fish to come to your fly in an evening.

It's a challenge catching fish on the Delaware right now.


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