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Spent Saturday patching my waders, they still leak in the same two places.

Posted on August 05 2019

Was up early this morning but had enough things that needed doing that I didn't get back on the water until about 4:00 this afternoon. Fished a run on the UE that was good to me last week. It gets early shade and there have been afternoon olives enough to get the fish looking up. Last week it was big fish, today not so much. I caught a 18 inch holdover hatchery fish right away and it was the fish of the day in a cake walk. The rest of the fish I caught there were all within 1/4 inch of 11 inches long.

The UE is a prolific breeding stream and it usually abounds in yearling fish. The fish in the UE do not grow as fast as those in the WB. Most of the trout born in May of 2017 in the WB are now about 13 inches long. Their UE cousins born at the same time are now about 11 inches long. The UE has big fish but first they have to get big enough to eat their grandchildren.

When the olives waned and the sulfurs had just started to hatch, I departed. Decided to try the WB down low. There were a few olives, sulfurs and stenos. Never saw an iso and very few rises. Three of the four fish I caught were (despite paragraph two above), 11 inches long. The best WB fish was a 15 inch brown that ate a spinner at half past dark.

We need a good all day soaker. These are the dog days of summer. The Kingfishers are dining on fingerlings in the waterless tribs, the good fishing water in the UE and WB keeps shrinking. The big fish are eating little fish rather than sulfurs. And I'm sick and tired of watering my lawn.


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