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Splish splash I was takin' a bath - - -

Posted on September 23 2023

Despite yesterday mornings success I passed on another morning of fishing. Had several items on the to-do list and I just might have been a little tired from yesterday's double header. Had to do the end of season dump run, fill the wood stacker, shoot the bow and reorganize my two spinner boxes. This entailed sorting out the ones no longer able to pass muster, steaming the hackles on the ones I put away in a hurry and inserting the half dozen newly tied ones into the boxes. Also had to stop at Marino's to get my archery license on the way out fishing. 

Left the fishing camp about 3:00 and by the time I got to Buckingham (a dozen trailers in the lot) it was evident that my fishing plan had to be changed. Headed east only to find that the guy with the white pickup truck was already fishing my fall back location (he's there often). Did another route recalculation, as my GPS likes to say, and went to a place I haven't fished since before Covid. It use to be a regular stop which included a nice chat with a river friend who granted me access. He moved away. The new owner was very gracious when I asked him for permission about four or five years ago but I haven't seen him since. Fished it twice the first year and haven't been back. No one was home when I knocked so I parked, waded across the river, and fished. 

The fishing - Once again there were almost no bugs, but the fish seemed to just love my new spinners. Had four fish eat my fly in the first ten minutes. Caught an 11 incher then ripped the fly out of the mouth of  two about the same size. Adrenalin is to me, what auto correct is to Ed Smith (a pain in the arse). I seem to have an unlimited supply, especially when drawing the bow on a good sized buck. What about the fourth fish you asked? It was the fish of the day, a nice 18 inch rainbow and I did good, hooked gently, let him run and netted him when he was done. In the next hour I hooked and landed  five more fish, all between 11 and 13 inches. Was walking back towards where I cross to get out, when a fished refused my fly. Decided to change flies and in the process dropped a brand spanking new olive into the water. The water was maybe 18 inches deep and moving slowly, I saw the fly, I reached for the landing net (flies always get caught in the net don't they), while walking downstream after the fly, doubled the net over the frame to be sure to catch the fly, reached for the fly, tripped over a rock and fell in. Stood up and looked in the net - no fly. I hate losing a new fly.

Walked back up stream, crossed the river and drove back to the camp (it was now 5:30), changed clothes (socks were dry as was, thankfully, my wallet) and finished out the night in the Lordville riff. Hooked and landed a nice 15 inch 'bow before hooking and losing another rainbow of about the same size on a G.D. spinout. Started a fire when I got back to the camp, spread out the fly boxes and made a Perfect Manhattan, it just doesn't get any better than this.  


  • Ed Smith: September 24, 2023

    Dennis Congrats on having a good day on the BK . The 18” brown is a wonderful fish. Ed

  • Dennis: September 24, 2023

    I fished the BK on Saturday and had a decent day. I netted one 18 in brown and had numerous refusals. I agree with Ed that the fish were very fussy. I had a good number of caddis on the water and in the air. It looked to me that olives were the main course. I have not seen a fish eat an iso in my last two trips. Has anybody else witnessed that?

  • B B: September 23, 2023

    Do you have Hank Locklin on your playlist yet?
    Not “ in country” any longer, back at the terminus of the Erie Canal.
    On the soakings: how about that look venders give you when you hand them that damp/ soggy greenback?
    Wading staffs and studs aside, some dispersion may be given to bi and tri-focals. Or is that just my 8 year old self just rushing to get into the stream with my Dad once more?
    With the ironic presence of the DOT so close, I can honestly announce I went 15 fer at the Deposit exit-pothole. Fist bump to Ed Smith.


  • Jim Dygert: September 23, 2023

    To Jim N.. in case A119 is out bow practicing steaming a fly is easy. You can use a steam kettle or pan of water and a pair of forceps to hold the fly over the will see the matted or mashed hackles straighten right back to its original tye. Just reapply your floatant and you’re good to go!

  • Ed Smith: September 23, 2023

    Angler119-sorry to read you took a dunking. What a pain. I’ve probably feel in a half dozen times (maybe more) The most embarrassing was slipping in a foot of water and falling backwards and getting soaked. If you fish long enough everyone falls in ! Glad you had a good day on the river with plenty of action. I fished the Willow yesterday from 11-3, the BK was to windy. Picked up a few 11”-12”ers on a tan spent caddis. Headed to the BKaround 4 and there was a decent sulpher hatch with rising fish but they were picky. Did manage to land a beautiful19” rainbow ( quickly meadured)on a #20 comparadun . Great fight, gorgeous fish. A very interesting day. P.S to Black Boat. Angler119 is very elusive. Like Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. -We May never know who they really are. Love your posts. Ed

  • Jim N: September 23, 2023


    Please elaborate on this “ steaming the hackles on the ones I put away”. How do you do this?


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