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Sulfur hatch gets fish up late on big river!

Posted on May 28 2017

The number of fisherman on the river today was much lower than on Saturday.  My wife and I toured the river system during the afternoon.  Buckingham easily won the award for most trailers.  There seemed to be very few boats in sight on the WB.  Perhaps the flow of 400 cfs is proving difficult to both navigate and catch fish in.  The UEB at about 200 cfs had no boats and very few fishermen.  The BE is also quite low making passage through the riffs difficult  for drift boat oarsmen.  The reports I have heard  from the BE have been that the fish population seems to be down this year. The number of people fishing the BK today seemed to be less than half of yesterdays total.  Either the fishing was slow or people are heading home to family gatherings on Memorial Day.

On the brighter side the sulfurs have started to hatch on the BR and the fish are on them.  Fished the BR from 7:30 until 9:00 tonight.  The action was all in the last half hour but fish were up and ready to eat.  Hopefully the armada heading for Buckingham was still on the river and got in on the action. Based on what we saw in our tour, there was little else to cheer about.

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  • Samuel Rutkowski: May 29, 2017

    I love these reports, thanks for doing them.

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