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Sulfur Zone = bugs and feeding fish.

Posted on July 25 2019

Neglected to say in yesterday's report that the Tricos I saw were on the BR. Today I started out on the lower WB and there were none. Tricos aren't overly fond of cold water and are only found in the lower portions of the UE and WB.

Without Tricos the waxwings were nowhere to be see. There wasn't a bug of any kind for a good hour. Noticed a waxwing over the water and within minutes started to see olives. There were never many of them but they got the fish looking up. Had one brief flurry of rises but for the most part it was a blind casting morning.

Sucked it up and went to the "Sulfur Zone" this evening just to see if the gentleman on the UE was giving me good information. He was. Fished a short way below Deposit and there were sulfurs (a good hatch) from when I got there (at about 6:00) until dark. Is my arm sore from fighting fish? Nope. There were feeding fish everywhere (anglers too), but I saw exactly one fish eat a dun. All feeding was subsurface. It was not until the spinners fell that there were any fish eating on top.

The fishing? The morning was slow but steady, it didn't seem nearly as good as yesterday but I ended up catching just two fish less. The evening fishing was interesting. There were bugs galore, a couple of drift boats and about a dozen wade anglers. Saw a fisherman hook and land a good fish early and just before dark a fisherwoman below me hooked and landed a nice one. Me? I threw at rising fish all evening. One ate a dry early and I never got another one to even look until the spinners fell.


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