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Sulfurs brighten the day, black caddis turn out the lights.

Posted on May 30 2017

After yesterdays marathon 10;30 am until 9:00 pm fishing  spree, I took it somewhat easier today.  Left camp around noon and did a tour of the EB, lower BK and UEB and BR.  Saw a few big bugs hatching on the lower part of the BE but nothing going farther up or on the BK and UEB. It was overcast, raining (very heavy downpour on the ride back to Hancock) and quite breezy.  Not seeing bugs at 1:00 doesn't mean they didn't come later but when I got to the BR there were all kinds of bugs on the water and fish up after them.

Waited until the heavy rain let up around two, geared up and went fishing.  Glad I did!  There were a few sulfurs coming off when I got to the water and within half an hour there was a very good sulfur hatch.  Caught fish before it got really got going and after the hatch started to wane. During the peak of the hatch the trout couldn't be bothered with my offerings.  As was the case yesterday I did well hooking fish, it was the landings that proved difficult.  I know, I know it's better to have hooked and lost than never - - - -.  But still.

The hatch probably lasted about two hours and when it was over it was over for everything  - except for the dreaded black caddis.  They came in abundance for three hours before dark.  The trout smash the emergers but seldom look up at the duns on the water. Not fun for a dry fly guy.

The two hatches today were the first full blown hatches I've seen since hendricksons and paraleps. It's a big river system and one person can't be everywhere at once but I have yet to see a fishable spinner fall of march browns, gray foxes or sulfurs.  One night last week when it was warmer and less windy I watched a flock of night hawks devour what probably would have been a march brown spinner fall. Its been unseasonably cold, windy and rainy.  None of these are conducive to spinner falls.  Keep your spinner box in your vest it will happen - and - get on the stream, it's the best fishing of the year!


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