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Sulfurs by day, Freestones at night

Posted on June 26 2019

As the proud new owner of 8 cubic yards of topsoil, I felt duty bound to begin the process of filling in holes and leveling out some of the yards numerous dips and valleys. Knew it was going to be hot so I started early, by 10:30 I was soaking wet and tired enough to call it quits for the day.

It's summer now and even with the huge releases we have had, fishing is quickly becoming an evening thing on the BK BR and BE. The water temps have been fine but with the cut back of the release at Stilesville the BR temp is bound to start to rise. The BK hit 68 today.

As most of you are aware the "tailwater" fishing that is the life blood of the system during the hot summer months usually occurs in the three or four miles of both branches closest to the dams. Because of the big releases of cold water we have had this year the sulfurs are still hatching well down both branches.

Drove up the UE about two today and saw Drakes still hatching behind the Sunoco station in East Branch and all the way up to the Pleasant Valley pool. Surprisingly the first wade fishermen I saw were at long flat (4 cars) and powerline (2 cars). There were only 3 or 4 trailers at the Harvard campground. As I mentioned yesterday, the fish have become very close to impossible to catch and it looks like almost everybody has decided to go elsewhere. My dislike for fishing in a crowd is well known so I haven't tried the spinner falls. Don't know if they are well attended or not.

The fishing - Today was the best fishing I've had since the water first went up back on June 20th. Found fish feeding in unusual places (high water changes where the choose to feed). Some of the fish had been fished to recently while others had apparently let boats slip by without being noticed. Some fish were gleefully rising well out of my reach while one ate my sulfur with the nail knot still in the rod.


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