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Summer on the Delaware.

Posted on July 11 2017

After two weeks away from the river which included a trip out west and restoration work following the flood that hit our house a week ago last Saturday, it's good to be back. It's summer on the river.  There are sulfurs 2:00 to 5:00 in the upper reaches of both branches.  From 5:00 until 8:00 things are tough.  From 8:00 until dark (got in the car at 9:45 tonight) there is good action wherever the water is cold enough to fish without endangering the trout.

Because of my well known dislike of boats on trout streams and crowds of people in general, summer is my favorite time on the river.  Historically I catch just about as many fish each month from May to September.  The big browns disappear after the last brown drake spinners have fallen but there are plenty of big rainbows and two and three year old fish to keep one satisfied.

That said, if the crowds that are here during the "big bug season" were to show up in the summer no one would catch many fish.  In the summer you need room to move from one rising fish to another.  Once out of the "sulfur zone", the fish are comparatively undisturbed and are far more willing to take a fly. In short, summer fishing presents you with the challenge of catching fish feeding on sulfurs, which are the most difficult fish in the river and it also challenges you to find the places where the more relaxed fish are feeding in the evening hours.

Today with cloudy skies, moderate air temps, a drop in the release to 400 cfs and very few fishermen on the river, I skipped the sulfurs and fished for the relaxed fish.

How'd I do?  Very well.  Thank you.


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