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Summer school

Posted on August 11 2015

Last Wednesday was the first day of normal flows following the
Cannonsville draw down.  The bugs hatched in profusion on the upper WB
and fish  were on them with reckless abandon. So were the guides.  One
angler of modest ability hooked at least a dozen large fish as his
guide kept him in the same spot for over four hours.Fishermen came
from all over to fish in the lower water.  There were boats and wade
fishermen everywhere right thru the weekend.

The result?  It was like the fish fish went to summer school.  I
stopped in the Deposit area yesterday and to my surprise no one was
there.  Knowing about the novice angler's success of last Wednesday I
decided to try my luck on the same fish. The hatch came (a far more
modest one), the fish fed (sub surface) and in over three hours of
fishing I landed but two fish.  Did they look at my fly? You bet.
Would they eat it?  Not so much.

A five day summer school course in nutrition reminded them of the
importance of paying attention to what they eat.


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