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Sunday mornin coming down.

Posted on June 02 2017

It's 8:00 pm on Friday.  I'm home trying to cross items off the "Honey-do" list .  Some things have gone well, others not so well.  With the bright sunshine I didn't miss the fishing today but the breeze has quieted and there will be a late hatch and if in fact it's calm, a spinner fall.  I will miss both.  Will miss tomorrows fishing also as there are things here at home yet  to be done.

Sunday, however, is another story.  If you get to pick and choose your days, the Sunday forecast looks like a winner.  Rainy overcast days this time of year are like money in the bank. Bugs hatch all afternoon and most likely sulfurs, gray foxes, black caddis and perhaps drakes will go near dark.  There should also be a smorgasbord of spinners served up for trout to eat.  Be there by noon, stay late, bring a sandwich because there won't be any place open by the time the action is over.  Look for me I'll be there!


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