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Sunshine saves the day!

Posted on June 14 2016

The day started off cloudy and cold with wind blowing fifteen, gusting even higher.  Got on the water at three to find the hatch not yet underway.  By 3:30 there were some bugs and a few risers.  The bugs peaked about 4:30 in what could best be described as only a fair hatch

The fish fed but were clearly not in a feeding frenzy.  You had tolook for them and wait for them to rise then cast.  There were fishermen in the "A" spots and I saw several fish landed. As I got about as far away from the car as I planned on going the hatch petered out.  Wade fishermen left and the boats rowed  out.  Started my
journey back towards the car looking for the last risers when the sun broke through the clouds.  It's mid June and even at 6:00 you could feel the warmth.  The bugs could too for sulfurs and cahills started hatching again - not a lot  - but enough to get the fish feeding.

The wind died and as the sun continued to shine it warmed things up enough so that sulfur spinners decided that "tonight's the night". With the still cold temps they decided too come early got their egg laying done in the daylight and began to appear on the water in good numbers.  The fish were ready and started feeding in earnest.

When fish are going good on spinners, it's a great time to be a dry fly fisherman - especially when you are the only one fishing over half a mile of river.  It was nine forty five when I finally got back to the car.


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