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Table was set but Pseudos never showed.

Posted on October 16 2017

It was a tailor made day for Pseudos.  I had to turn the windshield wipers on at least twenty times on the ride down.  Low scudding clouds covered the tops of the hills  and the temp never got out of the forties.  The wind at 10 to 15 promised to be a challenge but after a quick lunch I headed out.

The high muddy water in the WB coupled with the wind blowing down the BR sent me east on 17 to the Beaverkill and the UEB.  A quick look at the wind on the BK sent me up rt 30 into more protected water.  Both the UEB and BK are now flowing at under 100 CFS and are a challenge to catch fish in.

Found a pool with some protection from the wind  and a few rising fish (surely it was only a matter of time 'til the pseudos got going).  About 3:30 the fish got going a little better and a few pseudos and larger olives (20's?) appeared. There was no "feeding frenzy" but there were plenty of fish to throw at. 

I didn't know it when I started but today was my day to teach the one and a half year old browns to be more careful about what they ate.  Caught about a dozen or so fish, all but two of which were between 9 and 10 inches.  The two "better" fish were 13.  I had four hours of fun and did get refusals from several bigger fish but the afternoon did nothing to dissuade me from my plan to work on the camp shutdown this week.

If you do come down, remember that both the upper WB down to Monument and  the UEB down to Shinhopple are now closed to all fishing to protect spawning trout.  If you see gravel in the river that is lighter colored than the surrounding stream bed, there is a good chance its a spawning bed.  Give it a wide berth, those eggs are our future fish.


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