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The Beaverkill, has fish too you know.

Posted on September 01 2017

With SU football at 7:00 I decided to do a little recon and take an early quit.

Drover up the Beaverkill to see if the cold water temps had gotten the iso's going there.  It had!  The rocks along the riffs had numerous fresh iso husks on them.  At 3:00 with bright sun and a brisk wind there were none hatching.  Was able to pick up a few fish on caddis but it was slow going until the isos started to hatch about 4:00.

With isos popping out midstream the fish started feeding.  There were two year old rainbows (about two inches shorter than their cold water brothers over in the Delaware).  There were also a good mix of 11 to 13 inch browns (again somewhat thinner than their tailwater relatives).  Some of the browns were hatchery fish, some were wild.  The best fish by far was an 18.5 inch holdover hatchery fish that was eating iso duns with unbridled glee - until I came along.  I'm sure he'll be more careful from now on.

There was little to no fishing pressure on the Beaverkill (this might change on the weekend), and on my way back to camp every pool I stopped at had rising fish.

You might consider giving it a try.


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