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The Big River

Posted on June 16 2016

With NYSEG arriving at 8:15 to "drop"  the power line to my house so I could take down a big  spruce tree, the report is somewhat tardy - my apologies (the tree came down without incident).

With no rain in sight and Mother Nature scheduled to pour on the heat this weekend the fishing on most of the Big River is most likely drawing to a close for the summer. Water temp at Lordville was 68 yesterday and the next day of sun will put it into the "no fishing temp zone".

Decided to spend the day on the lower river as there is little boat traffic and the fish are still in place.  With cold water temps the past few days there was a steady stream of bugs and rising fish. With winds in the 15/ 30 mph range, however,  the Big River had little appeal.  In the last  two days the temp went from the mid fifties to yesterdays 68.  The fish are fine but the bugs have stopped hatching.

Fished a long riff in the morning in bright sunshine.  There were almost no bugs but I rose almost a dozen rainbows ranging in size from 11 to 19 inches.  Landed the big one right at the start then lost five in a row.  I spoke harshly to  god and anyone else who might have been within a mile of me when the fifth fish came unstuck..

In the evening I was again on the big river at a spot that sees little traffic after the big bugs are over.  With the 68 degree water the bugs decided to stay where they were.  Saw two cahill's and a handful of iso's all night.  Got four bows to eat blind casting and never threw at a rising fish.

It was a beautiful day spent on the most scenic part of the river system.  One kayak went by me in the morning and I saw no one in the evening.  If I don't get to fish it again 'til fall it was a great way to end the spring season..


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