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Posted on June 27 2019

If you were planning to fish where I did today but stayed home instead -consider yourself lucky.

Yesterday I fell into a good sulfur hatch on the UE that got lots of fish up and eating. The evening fishing on the BR didn't start 'til about nine but the action from then to dark was fast and furious.

The old saying on the Delaware is "If you had a good day on the river today, go somewhere else tomorrow".

Well, I did and I didn't. I went to different pools but followed the same basic plan. Was on the UE in time for the sulfurs but they never showed (neither did the fish). It was hot and sunny (just like yesterday) so I went back to the camp and didn't go out again until about 7:00. Saw a riser early and got him to eat, he came unstuck in about 5 seconds. Next rise was on the way to the car about 9:30. Hooked a heavy fish that did nothing but thrash around on the surface. Was sure it was a big fall fish. He never took 10 feet of line but I couldn't get him close enough to net. When I did, he morphed into a 19 inch brown. Looking at the inside of his mouth it was easy to see why he didn't fight. The poor fish has been trying to please every fisherman that casts a fly in his direction. I'm sure he eats lots of flies without hooks in them but he has done his best to make a lot of anglers happy.


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